Why Is It Essential to Monitor Messaging of Children?

Let us face this, no one can underestimate the influence of the social media and texting on the communication of children. Pallid statistics states that children and teens aged from 8 to 18 spend more than 7,5 hours a day with a PC, television or any other web-connected device. And almost three quarters of teenagers use their mobile devices for texting. However, not all parents, say nothing of teenagers, know the dangers of texting. Sometimes texting can turn the mobile device into a weapon, read more info here.

Take, for example, the danger of texting while driving.

  1. Texting became a reason of 18% of auto crashes with over 3,000 deaths
  2. Texting increases the possibility of the auto crash by 23 times
  3. 40% of teens admitted that they were driving with texting drivers
  4. 11% of drivers aged 18 to 20 were texting when they have got in the auto accidents

The danger of texting bullying

Nowadays bullying moves from locker rooms and physical state to the SMS, social media and texting.

  • No one can find out the potential victim of the cyberbullying as it can be literally anyone.
  • Anyone can become a bully – sometimes a bullied becomes a bully.
  • One in five teens will be involved in a text bullying.
  • One of the main dangers on cyberbullying is that it will continue at home, unlike the physical bullying. Home is no longer a safe place for bullied child.
  • Cyberbullying can lead to depression or withdrawing from other students
  • It can lead to suicidal thoughts and to suicide itself

Sexting is one of the most well-known dangers of the texting, and sometimes it can be a reason to face charges for producing and distributing child pornography.

It is essential to create trust-based communication with your children and explain them all dangers of texting. And consider using parental control apps that will help you to eliminate the threats:

  1. You can find apps that block the texting features when your teen is driving
  2. There are apps that monitor all messages, emails and IM chats so you will be able to prevent to cyberbullying towards your kid and get evidence against bullies
  3. Other tools can help you to block inappropriate contacts and look through the suspicious emails and messages
  4. Some apps can show you only suspicious messages while the others will show you all messages

It is up to you, what apps to use, however, it is essential to find to the one that meets all your requirements of the monitoring the texting of your kids.