What Is Better: Mobile Website or Mobile App?

Pallid statistics states that with online audience turning mobile audience all large corporations and brands started expansion of mobile market. Now it is time for lessen companies to do the same, though, the choice between an app and a website can be challenging.

Here you will find all pros and cons of both variants that can help you to come up with the most suitable decision for your business.

In general

Mobile website is usually a simplified version of the company website that takes an advantage of native mobile devices features and provides better user experience when viewing it via mobile browser.

An app works on the mobile OS and should be installed to the device before using. Apps can be native (using peculiar features of certain device) or cross-platform (working on major mobile OS)

Define your business considerations

No matter what mobile project you choose, at first it is essential to specify business and marketing considerations. And only after that you have to decide what is the best way to achieve the purpose of the business. There are many reasons that influence the determination of purpose: for example, your desktop website cannot handle the traffic from mobile users.

Study the target audience of the company – what are their preferences. Bring into notice that application requires additional attention from the customers as it has to be downloaded and installed when mobile website doesn’t need it. Still the app proposes more intensive user experience and takes an advantage of the specific mobile possibilities.

Brainstorm how the users will interact with the website or the app.


Budget is a crucial point that determines the choice. Mobile application development calls for infusion of money as the whole process is expensive and resource-intensive. So if your budget is limited, consider mobile website as a way of reaching broader audience.