Useful Tips on Using Website Blocking

It is not a secret that there are many time-wasting websites that are really dangerous to people who must give special consideration to work or study and this is especially true in regard to social media and online games. Usually website blocker chrome fulfills the following tasks:

  • Blocking access to certain websites
  • Filtering of content and files
  • E-mail blocking
  • Temporary block of the Internet access

Students prefer to use website blocker for studying in order to give full attention to studying. Here are some tips how to avoid the trap of time-wasting websites:

  • An all-or-none decision. You can install blocking software that blocks access to specific websites from your PC for set time frames and you will not be able to change the decision – the access will be blocked even if you will uninstall the app.
  • Milder decision. With help of certain apps you will be able to set and remove the blocks on websites.
  • Practical decision. To use two browsers – one for working and other for entertaining. For example, you can use chrome website blocker in to set “study mode” in the browser and Firefox without restrictions.
  • Create separate profile on your PC for working with all necessary blocks and filters.
  • Simple decision. Smartphone or tablet owner has a possibility to switch off all distractive notifications, emails and Internet access with help of Airplane mode.

Surfing through the Internet you can find many various instructions how to block all or certain websites single-handed or, what is much more convenient, how to use website blockers that will save you time and attention.