Tips to Create Eye-Pleasing and Productive Website

Sometimes it seems that there are too many rules of the successful design to follow. Also it is necessary to follow trends, meet the requirements of the users, follow taste of the owner of the website and so on and so forth. Sounds a little bit dull, isn’t it?

However, there is a possibility to create great design without all that frustrating rules – there is also a possibility to create stunning design with some basic principles of creation.

  1. Move towards minimalism. The interface of the web page should be clean. Never forget about spacing – white space around graphics or in text will put emphasis on the elements of design you want to mark. Streamline the menu to improve the navigation through the site. Think of drop-down menus, as they make navigation even more easier and organize menu.
  2. Mobile-friendliness is a must. Especially in light of recent changes of Google search engine rankings. Today users tend to browse the Internet with help of their handheld devices, so making sure that the site looks great on all screen sizes will bring you more traffic. Graphics is a real headache in this case. Sometimes it is better to create a mobile version of the site instead of trying to befriend your website with mobile platform, especially in case when you must use high-res heavy graphics.
  3. The website should look different from the others. Today millions of websites are built with help of CMS or WordPress templates. Of course, as a result, they look almost exactly alike and as a result, they become anonymous – users won’t tell them apart within an hour. That is why it is necessary to select or less popular CMS (if you want to create a site with its help) or select unhackneyed layout that will catch attention of the user after dozens of clone sites.
  4. Learn to use colors properly. There are many tools that can assist you in picking matching colors for your palette. Though take into consideration that it is advisable to use no more than three colors.