The Principles of Work of Web Site Blocker

Unfortunately, nowadays many websites do damage to personal computers and each access to Internet has potential risk to software and files of your PC. How can they harm your computer? Some websites spread viruses, contain unsuitable content and some are even trying to steal your personal data. Blocking of such websites is a sound solution and many PC users tend to take an advantage of such useful software.

How to block certain websites? 

There are several ways to block undesirable websites: you have a possibility to block sites on specific browsers or the whole operating system. Also it is possible to do with your network router. Browsing through the Internet you can find many detailed instructions how to do that, however, they seem to be really complicated and use of site blocker chrome could be a way out as it will do everything instead of you.

Blocker of the sites is a right hand of any employer and thoughtful parents, because it leaves no chance for users to visit undesirable websites that can harm PC or effectivity of work.

Standard set of functions of chrome site blocker is as follows:

  • Monitoring of the Internet history on a per-user basis
  • Any website blocking on a per-user basis
  • Blocking sites for all users on the PC

Usually such software and applications are user-friendly and easy to install, so anyone can use it one click of the mouse button is enough for website blocking. Many applications offer Whitelist and Blacklist options, so you can choose allowed and restricted websites and each time the user of the PC tries to enter website from Blacklist he will be redirected to a special blocked website.