The Best Kid Safe Browser

Today we can find many parental control applications and software that allow parents to protect their children from overuse of Internet and unsuitable content. However, this software cannot replace the browser so children have to use the same browser as adults do. It is not as easy to them as to adults, that is why kids browser is an essential solution for youngest computer users.

What are the main peculiarities of browsers developed for children? 

Kid friendly browser simplifies all complexity of “adult” browser making it easy to use. In general, such browsers block pop-ups and dissemble right-click menus. Usually it is impossible to open more than one page at a time and you will find no numerous buttons, just a pair of a Home and a Back buttons.

Of course, this type of browsers also works as parental control software, limiting number of accessible websites and also they can control the time spent in the Internet. Some browsers act even more strictly: a child can visit only those websites that are added by parents to the list of permitted sites or only educational and age-appropriate sites.

Kid browser protects files of the parents

When children use appropriate browser they can’t get full access to Windows and, as a result, have no access to the files. Moreover, usually kids can’t exit the program without parental permission; however, parents can give access to certain programs.

Parental control utilities give a possibility to control the time of each access to computer, the Internet or both. User interfaces in different browsers distinguish greatly: some have different UIs for different ages, some are oriented toward younger children and some towards the older. Still, all of them have the main purpose of simplifying and securing children’s usage of Internet.