The Best Content Filter for iPhone

Unlike the Android OS that proposes minimum level of parental control, Apple iOS offers some features of parental controls for iPhones, iPodes and iPads provided by Restriction settings.  With help of these features users of Apple gadgets can lock out Camera, Safari, the iTunes and iBooks, FaceTime, AirDrop, Siri, Podcasts and App Stores. Also it is possible to block in-app purchases, unsuitable content and ability to make changes to accounts and app settings.

Earlier there were some problems with blocking of content and websites through Safari – there were no possibility to allow access to certain websites. It was necessary to block Safari and install kids-friendly browser for that purpose. And only now iOS 7 proposes websites content filtering. From now on you can set filter on Safari, according to which browser will block access to adult content and you can block contacts. You can also create something like Blacklist and Whitelist of websites and make changes to the list.

However, this feature is possible only on devices run by iOS 7 and if there is no possibility to upgrade the device, it is necessary to set up filters of content. Moreover, you should bring into notice that all parental control features proposed by Apple are limited to Safari and if your device has the third-party browser, it is essential to set up separate application-level filters.

What are the options of content filters? 

Effective filtering software usually has such functionality:

  • Age based filter sensitivity. There are several levels of sensitivity according to the age of user.
  • Custom blocks for certain users and certain websites
  • Timely access to the Internet
  • Internet use reports