Successful Business Requires Responsive Website

Today mobile-unfriendly website is still the exception rather than the norm. However, there are still businesses that have websites created with optimal view on computers. If your website is one of them, it requires urgent amendments. Some companies tend to develop two separate websites: one for the computers, another for mobile devices. However, it would be more beneficial to create one mobile-friendly website that works perfectly on all platforms and screen sizes.

This goal can be achieved with help of the responsive design: according to this way of site development pages of the website will adjust their size to the size of the device’s screen. Why is it so important?

  • It is one of the requirements of Google. If your website is not Google-friendly, do not expect to get high search engine ranking. More than that, from SEO’s point of view, one site for both PC and mobile is better than two separate sites.
  • Two sites also add some confusion: when mobile user shares site’s link, desktop computer user will open a mobile version of the site, so the screen view will odd.
  • It is easier to manage one site instead of two.
  • There are so many OS and mobile platforms, and responsive design allows you to open the website on any of them.
  • Adjusted view boosts the user experience, so users are more interested in staying on your website, otherwise, they are more likely to leave it.
  • Responsive website has optimized content so the loading time is fast – as a result, the search ranking will be even higher.
  • Such website will react on user’s actions faster. In fact, any action should take no more than 1-2 seconds when loading.
  • It is a worldwide tendency – to adjust the size of the site window to the size of the screen of the device so your website will look perfectly on any screen and any device.
  • One website instead of two will simplify your work with site’s statistics, as a result, you will be able to make your targeting more successful.
  • Although this site requires more efforts on the development stage, the maintenance will be cheaper and easier.