How to Choose the Most Efficient Web Filter Software

What is content filtering? This kind of software is used for screening and excluding from access Web pages or e-mails that seem to be objectionable. It is used as a part of Internet firewall by corporations and home computer users, especially when children have access to computer.

The principle of filtering is scanning of content and screening the undesirable content. This tool is not perfect and sometimes it can unintentionally exclude desirable content or give the road to undesirable. That is why it is necessary to find the best web filtering software.

Main functions of filtering software

Despite the fact that products that offer this kind of service can execute many functions, the main are:

  • Web filtering
  • The screening of Web sites or pages
  • E-mail filtering

The principle of filtering is simple: when a user tries to get in the site, the filter checks the category of the site and places the result of the check against the list of forbidden categories. Usually this list includes spam, phishing, spyware, crimeware, adult content, hacking and malicious web sites.

The importance of filtering software cannot be underestimated, especially in places where it is necessary to control the content on the network and to know how the user’s resources are used.

No matter, what tool you use, free web filtering software or high-cost utilities, it will help you to get only desirable and reliable web content and your children will never get access to websites with questionable reputation.