Efficient Content Filter for Android

Android OS becomes more and more important day by day. And, of course, each tablet and smartphone run by Android OS has access to the Internet, however, Android’s built in browser doesn’t contain content filtering services. This aspect especially worries all provident parents that re interested in the quality of content their children see.

One of the main disadvantages of Android is that actually you can’t control almost anything – just pin-protect the Google Play Store and assign Content restrictions through the Settings menu of the Google Play Store – it is the most convenient way to stop anybody making credit card purchases without your permission.

That is why Android content filter is essential for any tablet or smartphone usage.

Parental controls apps for Android devices

Parental control features in Android OS are poorly resolved that is why it is necessary to supplement them with help of content filtering Android. First and foremost it is necessary to secure Google Play Market with help of Google Play App Filtering. You can find detailed instructions via the Internet.

Some parents believe that Flight mode can save their devices from children’s unsupervised Internet access, however, children can disable this mode as easy as parents switch it.

Take into consideration various apps that give a possibility to restrict access to certain areas. With help of such applications and software your children will be able to play their favorite games, read books and draw but they will have no access to your mail, files and they certainly won’t buy anything.