Effective Internet Filtering Software

As the name suggests, the main specialization of filtering software is to eliminate unsuitable or harmful information or media that come from the Internet. Nowadays much prominence is given to the consistent use of the content that is why applications and software that allow managing the content and control access to websites become so much-in-demand. What are the most common features of free Internet filtering software?

  • Block websites. This option is especially appreciated by parents and employers: the end user will not be able to visit particular sites like Facebook, for instance.
  • Protocol filter. Certain protocols can be blocked in your network to avoid browsing unsuitable websites.
  • Anti-VoIP. Especially useful feature for employers. It blocks such services as Yahoo Talk, Skype, VoIP usage etc. to avoid non-work-related communication of employees during work hours.
  • File filter. You receive a possibility to select what formats of files to block (*.exe, *.zip, or *.rar).
  • Anti-P2P option. With its help you can block an access to file sharing services.

The basic idea of the filtering software is categorization of websites and screening of the content for unsuitable subject.

How to select the best Internet filtering software?

It is necessary to take into consideration the feature set of the software. It has to block objectionable websites, filter emails, and control content and to be customizable. There and then, this software has to be not only multifunctional but effective also. It has not just to block unsuitable content but give access to appropriate content as well.