DIY Services for Creation of the Business Websites

Creation of the website can be expensive if you decide to hire a designer to enhance its quality. However, there are services that can help you to create websites for businesses, design them, publish and host them for free – and all that for free or for a small monthly fee. And there is no need to be a pundit in coding, as all these services have “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editors.


Moonfruit, previously focused on building of Flash-based sites now is focused on the sites that are rendered in Flash, HTML and mobile HTML5. First and foremost, select the theme (the most appropriate business themes include IT Services, Accounting, SPA, Bakery and many others). All themes are customizable. With help of the options of the service you can edit the Page Master – thus you will edit the elements that appear on every page or edit every page.

The basic services are free in case if you are going to create a website up to 15 pages, 20MB of online storage and 1GB of monthly bandwidth.


This designer is easier to handle than Moonfruit’s, though, it doesn’t propose the same level of features and options as Moonfruit does. Some themes are taken from the WordPress but the advantage of Weebly is in the possibility of optimizing the website for mobile devices.

First, register on the home page and then you will get access to the page editor. Build your site and then choose a theme and a design for it from the list. The editor is of drag-and-drop style and is very simple. You can download only one file at a time and there are no free images that you can use.

The Basic version of the service is free and the Pro is less than $5 per month. With free version you will be able to create 2 websites with 5MB upload and unlimited pages.


it is a business-focused website editor with a some kind of social network. Sign in, click the Add Service button and start building an associated website. Here you can add sharing and receiving feedback tools and the service will publish your website to its marketplace. This service requires knowledge of CSS if you want to create a website on your own. There is a possibility to add up to 10 elements per page.

The basic version is free, and there are some packages from $12 to $40.