Developing and Designing a Site for Children


Watching toddlers playing with their own smartphones and kids with tablets that seem a prolongation of their arms, it’s time to admit that the Internet is no longer dominated by adults. We understand parents’ worriment about their kids browsing through the web with a possibility to find something inappropriate, so maybe it is time to channel them to something else, yet still web-connected?

Here you will find out, how you can help kids to build their first site and what tools are the best for it. There are plenty of free or affordable do-it-yourself tools and services that are easy to use and appropriate for novices.

Take into consideration that these tools are not aimed especially for kids’ use, however, they are user-friendly and have intuitive design. Such tools put to a good use, are the real deal for joint pastime of parents and children as adults can show kids how to build sites and evoke interest to new technologies.

When you browse through the services named as website builders for children, however, experience has proven that such services do not work as they should. These services, carefully handpicked by our experts, though, can hit the spot of your needs.


It is hard to name this tool as an educative one, however, well-thought-out and simple navigation and drag-and-drop builder makes it a great choice as a training tool for kids. Parents who have never built sites on their own won’t face any difficulties with the usage of Wix as all means of site constructing here are visualized. Wix is available on both free and paid (from 4.50 per month) plans that are distinguished by the set of available features.


One of the simplest and yet productive editing environment for site building. This platform proposes many templates with a possibility to customize them to meet the needs of the developer and all this can be done with help of the visual interface. This tool also uses drag-and-drop management of site elements and the whole service works in terms of What you see is what you get. The only skill your kid needs to be able to use this tool is typing and using a computer mouse or a touchpad on the notebook. Here a kid can figure out how to use this tool without adults’ assistance.

uKit proposes profound educational program that guides users through the process of site development and explains all essential details of the site. After that you can publish the site developed by your kid.

There are no free plans in uKit, however, it is really affordable as it costs only $4 per month.


There are two versions of Weebly, educational and fully-fledged one that makes it the most appropriate tool for creation of class projects as teacher can create the main site and give access to children who will create their own accounts and practice in site development. More than that, this tool enables teacher to look through and manage profiles of students. Take into consideration that teachers have their own plans and version of Weebly, while parents can use a common version of this builder and exercise with children as kids will require their assistance with some advanced actions of site development like configuration of site settings.

Site building is free, though, if you want to publish it, you will need to sign up a plan starting from $8 per month.

Useful tips

How to keep up kid’s interest in site?

  • For example, the site should present certain durable project and your kid will update it with the passing results.
  • Think and create content for the site together, say, you can take images of kid’s handmade craft if the site presents a portfolio of kid’s activities and hobbies.
  • Use additional tools to boost the site: add a guestbook or the weather outcast.
  • Encourage your kid to keep a blog (great thing for polishing writing skills, by the way)