Common Mistakes of Designing the Website for Small Business

Any small business should consider creating the website for marketing and branding purposes. The website should have the purpose and provide well-rounded information for your visitors about the company and services.

Poorly designed site can result in initial and potential loss of thousands of dollars. However, you can avoid that by taking into consideration these common mistakes of the design:

  1. Desire to create the website as soon as it is possible. First and foremost, it is necessary to figure out what is your target market. The result of the research is essential for designing of your website. Also the knowledge of the target market will help you to develop the navigation of the site and give a clear notion what should visitors find there.
  2. Focus on flashy not on marketing design. It is not enough to bring the visitors in – they have to find something useful on your website. Moreover, flashy designs usually look not as pretty on the screens of tablets and smartphones, so it is essential to use marketing website development tools. Take into consideration that visitors should find out where to go next on your site within three seconds.
  3. No call to action. Every website should have a purpose and encourage visitors to do what you want – buy, contact, subscribe etc. The website should have a call of action and provide a possibility to do what it offers.
  4. Under- or overpay for the design. As a matter of fact, cheap designers usually make horrible poor quality product. Big expensive designing companies cannot propose effective solution to a ROI-focused small business.
  5. Usage of out-of-date content. The website of the company should contain the freshest information about the products and services. In other cases. the visitors will think that you are out of business.
  6. Target everyone. Do not try to win everybody’s favor – make a research of your target market and focus on your main audience.
  7. Taking the DIY route. The first impression counts for everything. That is why the design of your website is crucial.