2015’s Tenner of Web Design Apps

There are literally thousands of applications devoted to web design, but only some of them can reach the top as they provide the best design, user experience and performance.

Today the best ten web design applications are competing for the leadership and one of them will win one of the most desired prizes in the web design world. And there is a possibility that the app from this nomination will also take the App of the Year prize.

Here are the ten nominees for the Best Web Design App 2015:


This application for Mac is simple as it is and proposes a new approach to creation of modern, stylish, quality websites that doesn’t require profound knowledge of coding.


Here you get a possibility to pay all attention to the design, as with Sketch you will be able to create lightweight and easy-to-use package of sketches fast and with ease.


The built-in prototyping and collaboration tools enable designers to work in teams on one project effectively. Enhanced design software clearly proposes the digital experience of the future.


It is a perfect place where to place and discuss your work, learn something new, get a clear notion how to implement cutting-edge technologies in your work and explore the source code having a possibility to edit it.

Affinity Designer

You will be surprised by the quality of the vector graphics created with help of this software, as Affinity Designer has already developed a reputation of the fastest and the most precise graphic design software.


With help of this application you will receive all possibilities of any favorite image editor but you will also be able to write semantic HTML and CSS. So Macaw proposes something more than simple web design tool.


Today InVision is the leading prototyping and collaboration platform.


This app has almost all, if not any configuration options of SVGO.

Adobe Comp CC

You can create layouts with simple drawing gestures, use vector shapes, images, colors, text styles taken from Creative Cloud Libraries and professional fonts of Typekit.


Using Pixate you can create animations and interactions with help of iOS and Android prototypes – and you do not need to code.