How to Choose the Most Efficient Web Filter Software

What is content filtering? This kind of software is used for screening and excluding from access Web pages or e-mails that seem to be objectionable. It is used as a part of Internet firewall by corporations and home computer users, especially when children have access to computer. The principle of filtering is scanning of content […]

Efficient Content Filter for Android

Android OS becomes more and more important day by day. And, of course, each tablet and smartphone run by Android OS has access to the Internet, however, Android’s built in browser doesn’t contain content filtering services. This aspect especially worries all provident parents that re interested in the quality of content their children see. One […]

Effective Internet Filtering Software

As the name suggests, the main specialization of filtering software is to eliminate unsuitable or harmful information or media that come from the Internet. Nowadays much prominence is given to the consistent use of the content that is why applications and software that allow managing the content and control access to websites become so much-in-demand. […]

The Principles of Work of Web Site Blocker

Unfortunately, nowadays many websites do damage to personal computers and each access to Internet has potential risk to software and files of your PC. How can they harm your computer? Some websites spread viruses, contain unsuitable content and some are even trying to steal your personal data. Blocking of such websites is a sound solution […]

The Best Kid Safe Browser

Today we can find many parental control applications and software that allow parents to protect their children from overuse of Internet and unsuitable content. However, this software cannot replace the browser so children have to use the same browser as adults do. It is not as easy to them as to adults, that is why […]

Useful Tips on Using Website Blocking

It is not a secret that there are many time-wasting websites that are really dangerous to people who must give special consideration to work or study and this is especially true in regard to social media and online games. Usually website blocker chrome fulfills the following tasks: Blocking access to certain websites Filtering of content […]

Web Content Filtering Appliance

Nowadays anyone can find anything via the Internet: from harmless photos with kittens to illegal content. All thoughtful parents sooner or later come to understanding that it is necessary to protect their children from bad influences of wrong content available online. Web content filter acts like a screen, blocking content according to the website categorization […]

The Best Content Filter for iPhone

Unlike the Android OS that proposes minimum level of parental control, Apple iOS offers some features of parental controls for iPhones, iPodes and iPads provided by Restriction settings.  With help of these features users of Apple gadgets can lock out Camera, Safari, the iTunes and iBooks, FaceTime, AirDrop, Siri, Podcasts and App Stores. Also it […]