Some well-known media brands seem to neglect their websites using more convenient tools that do not need too much attention and efforts as the website does. One of the recent examples of such an approach is BuzzFeed’s Swarm, a new ad format that allows such media giants like YouTube, Facebook, […]

Even an Established Brand Requires a Website

Trends in web design change over time. Hot disputes like which web design approaches are still relevant and which are obsolete have become commonplace. Currently, web designers try to solve the following conundrum. What to choose: responsive web design or design for mobile-first? It’s clear that these are two separate […]

Where To Start: Responsive Web Design or Design for Mobile-First?

Watching toddlers playing with their own smartphones and kids with tablets that seem a prolongation of their arms, it’s time to admit that the Internet is no longer dominated by adults. We understand parents’ worriment about their kids browsing through the web with a possibility to find something inappropriate, so […]

Developing and Designing a Site for Children

Tips for Website Design
Have you ever wondered why some websites are more attractive and catchy while others you just leave and never remember? There are a lot of things to take care of when building a website, and design is one of the most essential. You don’t really have to be art school […]

Simple Tips for Drop Dead Beautiful Website Design

Today mobile-unfriendly website is still the exception rather than the norm. However, there are still businesses that have websites created with optimal view on computers. If your website is one of them, it requires urgent amendments. Some companies tend to develop two separate websites: one for the computers, another for […]

Successful Business Requires Responsive Website

Sometimes it seems that there are too many rules of the successful design to follow. Also it is necessary to follow trends, meet the requirements of the users, follow taste of the owner of the website and so on and so forth. Sounds a little bit dull, isn’t it? However, […]

Tips to Create Eye-Pleasing and Productive Website

Combination of mobile app and business can bring unexpectedly successful results that is why any businesses regardless of the size should brainstorm the necessity of mobile app creation. One may say that mobile applications are suitable for big companies only. But look around: small neighboring coffee shop or butcher have […]

Benefits of Mobile App for Any Kind of Business

Pallid statistics states that with online audience turning mobile audience all large corporations and brands started expansion of mobile market. Now it is time for lessen companies to do the same, though, the choice between an app and a website can be challenging. Here you will find all pros and […]

What Is Better: Mobile Website or Mobile App?