Today mobile-unfriendly website is still the exception rather than the norm. However, there are still businesses that have websites created with optimal view on computers. If your website is one of them, it requires urgent amendments. Some companies tend to develop two separate websites: one for the computers, another for […]

Successful Business Requires Responsive Website

Sometimes it seems that there are too many rules of the successful design to follow. Also it is necessary to follow trends, meet the requirements of the users, follow taste of the owner of the website and so on and so forth. Sounds a little bit dull, isn’t it? However, […]

Tips to Create Eye-Pleasing and Productive Website

Combination of mobile app and business can bring unexpectedly successful results that is why any businesses regardless of the size should brainstorm the necessity of mobile app creation. One may say that mobile applications are suitable for big companies only. But look around: small neighboring coffee shop or butcher have […]

Benefits of Mobile App for Any Kind of Business

Pallid statistics states that with online audience turning mobile audience all large corporations and brands started expansion of mobile market. Now it is time for lessen companies to do the same, though, the choice between an app and a website can be challenging. Here you will find all pros and […]

What Is Better: Mobile Website or Mobile App?

Let us face this, no one can underestimate the influence of the social media and texting on the communication of children. Pallid statistics states that children and teens aged from 8 to 18 spend more than 7,5 hours a day with a PC, television or any other web-connected device. And […]

Why Is It Essential to Monitor Messaging of Children?

Any small business should consider creating the website for marketing and branding purposes. The website should have the purpose and provide well-rounded information for your visitors about the company and services. Poorly designed site can result in initial and potential loss of thousands of dollars. However, you can avoid that […]

Common Mistakes of Designing the Website for Small Business

Creation of the website can be expensive if you decide to hire a designer to enhance its quality. However, there are services that can help you to create websites for businesses, design them, publish and host them for free – and all that for free or for a small monthly […]

DIY Services for Creation of the Business Websites

There are literally thousands of applications devoted to web design, but only some of them can reach the top as they provide the best design, user experience and performance. Today the best ten web design applications are competing for the leadership and one of them will win one of the […]

2015’s Tenner of Web Design Apps